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Looking for a specialist exterminator to deal with termites at your residential or commercial property? At All In One Pest Control & Termites, we’re experts when it comes to solutions for environmental pest control for everything from mice to bed bugs and termites. We work in the northern suburbs and western suburbs of Melbourne, so whether you’re located in Sunbury, Point Cook or even Brookfield, we can help you with our pest management services.

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We offer a range of treatments and building protection options specifically for termites. These include but are not limited to the following:

Physical Termite Barrier

A physical termite barrier involves installing a stainless steel mesh or granulated rock substance around the exterior of the building in the ground or even in the outer walls. The thought behind physical termite barriers is that they prevent termite access to the building as the termites can’t chew through steel.

Chemical Termite Barrier

A chemical termite barrier is a chemical spray used underneath the foundations of a building and on the outside perimeter. Sometimes this is also used in piping systems underneath and around a property. Chemicals can also be applied to blankets that are then distributed around the building. A chemical termite barrier will usually last for a few years, but the potency of the chemicals will fade with time, necessitating reapplication for maximum effectiveness.

Thermal Camera Termite Inspections

To be 100% sure that your residential or commercial building is termite free, it’s necessary to arrange termite inspections at least once a year. Termites are particularly talented at finding new entry points into buildings, so even if you have a physical termite barrier or chemical termite barrier in place, it’s important to get an inspection done for complete peace of mind. We use a thermal camera method for termite inspections to ensure we pick up any termite activity present in the building.

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Need termite control in the northern or western suburbs of Melbourne? All In One Pest Control & Termites can provide the assistance you need. We’re experts in pest control and offer a variety of methods for termite extermination as well as protection of your building.

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